White is Not a Four-Letter Word

If you like white and you really want it in your home, then you have nothing to fear—as long as you can wash it.

I have a white slipcovered love seat in my keeping room–the Ektorp from IKEA.  Once I started researching the Ektorp (and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive), I began seeing it everywhere on the Internet.  You know how that goes. It’s affordable, comfortable, and the slipcovers are really well-made.


Yes, white slipcovers do show dirt. In fact, this happened recently.


My dog Ruby knows good and well she isn’t allowed on this piece of furniture, but sometimes she just does what she wants. With a thunderstorm coming and me knowing I would be out for a few hours, I let her and my other two dogs stay in the house and then came home to this nice surprise. 

I can’t say I wasn’t worried that this slipcover was ruined.  It took a good twenty-four hours of soaking after a lot of scrubbing with pretty much everything in my cleaning arsenal—Dawn, Fels Naptha, my regular homemade detergent, Oxyclean, and a little bleach.  But it came completely clean.

IMG_3219 I sincerely hope I never have stains like that again, but being able to see the dirt is the beauty of a white slipcover.  I can tell when it’s dirty and then take care of it. My old gold chenille fabric sofa never really felt clean because it never really was.

Lint and fuzz are very visible on this slipcover as well, so I keep a lint roller nearby and give my Ektorp a few swipes when needed. Washing the slipcovers, which I do about every six weeks, does take a little time but the payoff is a perfectly clean love seat.  To me, it’s worth it to have the crispness of white that I love.

I also can wash these two ottoman slipcovers.



IMG_3692My linen bed skirt is more of a pain to remove, but I shouldn’t have to wash it as frequently as I used to since I discovered that Ruby really hates fly swatters.  She was in the habit of hiding under my bed and would always enter at the same spot, so I had this one area that would get really filthy.  I planted a fly swatter under the bed at that spot, and she knows it’s there.  Problem solved, at least so far.


I don’t worry about the slipcover on this wing chair either because it’s also washable. 

Same thing with this bedspread.  

And these white curtains.  

I love the white fabric that I have used in my home.  It’s simple and bright and goes with anything.  It makes me happy.    I know white isn’t for everyone, and I know part of that is the fear of it showing every little speck of dirt, or muddy paw prints, or sticky little kid (or big kid) messes.

But if you can wash it—and you are willing to wash it—then you and white can peacefully coexist in your home.


7 thoughts on “White is Not a Four-Letter Word

  1. What a great post! Your sofa is the exact one I am looking at. This has helped me make my decision. You should consider linking this to my linky party on my site. I really think my community will like it. If you have any questions or need help let me know.

    1. Thanks! The Ektorp is a great sofa for the money and the slipcovers are so well-made. I don’t think you will be sorry! I linked to your site earlier. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I love your slipcovers and the linen bedding you have made. Looking at doing slipcovers on our wing chairs, did you line the linen? Did you use heavier linen for slipcovers?

    1. Brenda, thanks for the compliment on the bedding and slipcovers! I did not line the linen at all. I use a rustic weight linen from fabrics-store.com–the 4C22 linen. I wash and and dry my linen before cutting/sewing because it does shrink. I want to be able to wash it whenever I want with no fear of shrinkage.

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