Unstuffy Dining Room

Fussy dining rooms with wall-to-wall dark matchy-matchy furniture aren’t what most people want these days. This dining room that I completed recently is casual enough that it doesn’t say “let’s not go in there unless it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas,” yet it still feels like a “formal” dining room–just more approachable.

IMG_4343Window treatments finish off any room.  These are massively tall, but they’re also simple and straightforward–lined linen panels in a muted pumpkin color with no trim and a simple rod pocket at the top.  For the curtain rod we used industrial piping.

The furniture itself leans more to the casual side.  Once we erased that orange-y oak with dark walnut stain and Annie Sloan’s Old White, the room was well on its way to a more updated look.  IMG_4322The gray upholstered host and hostess chairs added some softness and contrast to the other finishes in the room.

Without question, the focal point is the wall above the buffet.  I found the chalkboard at a yard sale of all places–but not just any yard sale.  A girl I know who has incredible taste gave me a head’s up that she was selling off some amazing items.  The large, ornate frame immediately caught my eye, and I knew it would be the perfect focal point for this big wall.

She also had this large tackle box which worked well on the re-finished/re-painted buffet.  The color of it was an added bonus as the homeowner requested her favorite fall colors in the room. It’s a definite loden green in person thought it may appear differently here.   IMG_4328My son-in-law made the custom floating shelves from 100-year old barn wood.  They’re all a bit different and add so much character to the room. We considered doing six of them initially, but four worked out better.  IMG_4351My favorite element in the entire room is the black and white canvases of the three children in the family.  I had them done at Sam’s Club.

IMG_4359I knew I wanted something different for the table centerpiece and that it needed to be low.  This vintage Coca-Cola crate was a good choice.  I added old canning jars filled with baby’s breath.  IMG_4319The golden yellow paint on the crate fit in with the other fall colors in the room.

This room has come a long way, and I’m thrilled with the transformation.IMG_4285


8 thoughts on “Unstuffy Dining Room

  1. WOW! You painted the table and chairs! Very beautiful. I love the curtains; they are speaking to me.

    1. Yes, the furniture was not just working in the orange oak. It made such a difference, huh? I love those curtains, too. I love anything linen.

  2. When I look at this room, I imagine friends and family sitting around laughing and sharing stories while kids run in and out. It is so homey and airy. It looks like a place where memories are made.

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