The IKEA Ektorp

If you own one of these sofas (or love seats or chairs) from IKEA, then you may recognize the name.  Like all the products IKEA sells, the names are kind of weird.  Swedish is one strange language…just saying.

My expectations for the Ektorp were high based on all the positive reviews I read, and so far I’ve had no regrets with this purchase.  It fits perfectly in my keeping room which you can read about HERE.

After two and a half years of getting to know my Ektorp, I’d say I’m a fan.  So is my friend Melissa who has several pieces of this slipcovered furniture.

You can go HERE to read about her incredible home.  

Blog posts about the IKEA’s Ektorp series may be a dime a dozen, but I figure one more can’t hurt.  So here’s mine.  

Price:  Honestly, this was the biggest draw for me.  I wanted something affordable and I wanted something slip covered. This was it.  I paid $411 for my love seat and Bleking White slipcover, tax included. That was in 2015, though. The  price today is $479 for the love seat and slipcover, tax not included.  The sofa with slipcover is $499.  

Quality:  This is not a top-of-the-line piece of furniture.  It doesn’t have eight-way, hand tied springs or a solid hardwood frame. It doesn’t have down-filled cushions.  It comes in a box and requires some simple assembly.  It’s not a super heavy piece of furniture.

For the money, however, the quality is good.  My love seat has gotten a ton of use in the last two and a half years and is holding up fine.

Comfort: The seat cushions are on the firm side, but that is fine with me.  I’m not a fan of deep sofas that require pillows behind my back and don’t allow my feet to touch the floor. That is definitely not the case with the Ektorp.  It’s not deep at all. However, it works fine for me and I’m 5′ 8″.  I have a much more expensive sofa in another room, and I still prefer my love seat for comfort.  

Scale:  If you’re used to over-sized furniture, the Ektorp series may seem small to you.  It’s lower to the ground, not as bulky as many sofas, and is just a smaller scale all over.  The size works perfectly for me, though.  

The Slipcovers: I love slipcovers because they can be removed for washing, and that is important to me.  I have made a number of them over the years for both sofas and chairs, and they are a TON of work.  A ton.  This one took me about three solid days of work to complete.  When I was in the market for my love seat, I considered finding a used piece of furniture and making a slipcover for it myself, but that hardly made sense when I saw how well-made–and inexpensive–the IKEA Ektorp’s slipcovers were.  I paid about $50 for the Bleking White slipcover in 2015.  

If you’re cringing at the thought of a white slipcover,  I understand. It’s not for everyone.  However, I had no issues keeping the slipcover clean and have never minded taking the time to remove it for washing and then put it back on.

The only problem I experienced is that somehow the base slipcover (not the cushion covers) shrank even though I never once put any of the pieces in the dryer.  

That lead to some serious frustration when it came time to put the cover back on.  Lots of tugging and pulling resulted in some ripped seams, which I fixed, but it just continued to happen.  

My plan was to buy two new slipcovers, a new Bleking White and a Lofallet Beige one.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Bleking, which was 100 percent cotton, has been discontinued and replaced with Vittaryd White–at almost three times the cost. Yeah, inflation stinks. Still, a slipcover for $139 is a steal considering how much work they are to make.

So I just bought one.

And I bought blue instead.

This new color, Nordvalla Light Blue, is what I would call a very pale chambray. It’s growing on me.  I definitely like the texture of this new cotton/polyester fabric,  and I’m hopeful I won’t experience any shrinkage this time.  I won’t let this slipcover see the inside of the dryer either,  just to be safe.  

If you’re in the market for some new seating pieces, don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, are ok with smaller scale furniture, and like the idea of slipcovers you can wash, then the IKEA Ektorp might be exactly what you’re looking for.   








12 thoughts on “The IKEA Ektorp

  1. I have both the Sofa & Love seat & I LOVE them ! I have a beige cover & the red for both. I was going to get the white also, but these two are working out for “Seasonal” changes so….we will see. I have a Fur baby so these are the BEST ! I really wish they had a brown cover that they used to carry(discontinued) for Fall. I actually DO put mine in the dryer(low heat) but only dry partially then let air dry & that has worked well for me.

    1. Are yours a cotton and polyester blend? That might be why you’ve had no shrinkage. I kept my white to use when the blue one gets dirty. I wouldn’t mind having a beige one, too!

  2. I think they look fantastic! We just bought the Ikea slipcovered chairs for our dining room. It took lots of consideration but I’ve noticed that lots of high end designers use them so why not?! Love the look!

  3. Our family is actually on our second Ektorp. With kids, dogs and moving often it is a great piece that fits our lifestyle. I love the blue cover and will have to save my pennies to purchase it in the spring.

    1. I could see buying another Ektorp in the future myself. I’m discovering that the new fabric of this blue cover is a lot better than the 100 percent cotton of my white one.

    1. I actually bought those pillows at IKEA. They’re the only pillows in my house that I didn’t make myself. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even bought throw pillows before.

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