Pretty in Pink

When I first walked into this bathroom in a newly renovated 1905 Craftsman home that I’m about to start helping finish decorating, my first thought when I looked in the mirror was that I had done a really good job with my makeup that day.

I think it’s the pink, though.  The wonderful natural light from those big original windows may be a factor, too.

The paint color is called Pink Shadow by Sherwin Williams–at 50 percent strength for the ceiling and 25 percent for the walls.   This color is also in the adjoining bedroom as well as the dressing room which, by the way, is going to knock your socks off when I blog about it in the future.  It’s huge and like nothing I’ve ever seen.

But back to this bathroom.  It, another bathroom, and a closet were carved from a former bedroom in this old house.

The door into the bathroom, like nearly every door in the house, is original with original hardware.

The claw foot tub was restored and basically looks brand new.  I can’t imagine any other kind of tub in a home of this age.  It’s perfect.  The faucets are stunning and remind me of a princess phone I once had.

The homeowner used this old door with chalkboard paint in the recessed panels to provide some separation for the toilet.  What a clever idea.  She loves music and sometimes writes song lyrics on it.

She also loves sparkle and a little bling. The countertops are cultured marble.   Her daughter found the peacock print inside an old window frame (painted pink of course) in Fredericksburg, Texas. It has a vintage look that goes well in the bathroom.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a bathroom as charming as this one.  Every detail was carefully considered during the renovation process.  It would be special no matter what color was on the walls, but the pink puts it over the top.

I’ve always loved pink but never had it on my walls. I might consider it now after seeing here how incredibly flattering it is to the skin.  In a bathroom, that’s a really good thing.



17 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Absolutely love this bathroom! Pink is a wonderful color and it really isn’t used much past the teen years in a girl’s bedroom. The door separation is a fabulous idea. A little privacy for the throne is a good thing. Lots of excellent accessories….especially like the three tiered stand holding grooming necessities. Would love to see more of your work on this great house! xoxo

    1. I think pink is one of those colors you love or hate. It seems to be a taboo color for many, but there’s no denying how flattering it is in her bathroom. I love the door for privacy around the toilet and that little table, too. She did an excellent job on this house. I’ll be adding window treatments and helping with some other details. I’ll also post pictures of the outside at some point. It’s HUGE.

  2. The door placed in the alcove separating the toilet from the tub was ingenious! Love the old tub restored to look like new. I fondly remember my grandparents old claw foot tub from the early 50’s that was so different from my home. They even had the pull string flush on the toilet like you still see in old pubs in England today.
    Joined you from Poofing the Pillows last week.

  3. Thank you Jill! You have said such wonderful things about my home. And so has everyone else. The tub was actually my grandmothers! I’m so very excited about the cushions and curtains you are working on for me and I can’t wait for all the other fun projects we will get our hands on!! Thanks again!

    1. I just love your house! You have done an incredible job with it, and I know you’re proud of it. The fact that the tub was your grandmother’s makes it even more special. I’m excited about the curtains and cushion, too!

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