Pink Linen and Dead Animals: Part I

The Clients

She is a petite and dainty girly girl who loves pink and all things unique.

He is a big, burly manly man who has a love of design and no problem expressing it.

Together they have three boys and live in a big new house in the country with stained concrete floors, lots of stone, and a unique floor plan.

The Project

While the couple had put their own stamp on most of the rest of the house (and it’s awesome), the family room needed attention. Between the long hours the wife works as an esthetician, the husband’s busy job in sales, and their never-ending sports activities with their sons they just didn’t have the time to complete this room.

Here are some before photos:

The Plan:

All of the main furniture pieces needed to stay.  We decided to add a big sofa table behind her curvy couch and this wall needed something special. Maybe an antique mantel?

The curtains were cute, but we wanted something fuller and with some more color.

I suggested custom linen drapes using their existing industrial pipe hardware.  When the wife agreed but said they had to be pink, I remember looking at her husband thinking he would balk at that. Pink linen in the family room?  With a house full of boys?  He was more than okay with it, though.

The television wall definitely needed a wow factor. My thoughts were large vintage frames and ironstone platters, but the man of the house had a better idea, a DIY project.  He’s very handy and can build anything. 

Coming Soon:

Pink Linen and Dead Animals, Part II.







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