Not Your Typical Sunroom

When I think of the word sunroom, I envision lots of windows, beadboard, white wicker furniture, and plants everywhere.  A sunroom that I finished recently for the Miller family already had two of those elements–the beadboard and walls of windows–but typical wasn’t the look we were after.

Like other rooms in this house that were redecorated in the last year (the nursery, the older kids’ room and the living/dining room), this light-filled room had great potential.

Before, it was primarily used  as place for their oldest child to practice her keyboard and as a catchall space for items that were in transition.

The beginning point for a dramatic change to this room was this design board. The direction we wanted to go was a mixture of farmhouse, traditional, and touch of the unexpected.

The first purchase was this comfy gray sectional. It’s a little more modern than the other furniture in this home, but it works. It also makes into a bed when company comes.  

The pillows for the sectional, shown here piled on my bed in my guest room, might not be what you’d expect.  Black with navy?  A formal chenille with grainsack?   Sure, why not.  They all are simple with no cording or trim, and they all have hidden zippers so the covers can be removed for cleaning.

The royal blue shag rug might not be the first choice for a sunroom either, but it’s perfect here.

My son-in-law made this coffee table especially for the Millers.  It’s large, very solid, and really anchors the whole design.  I stained the top in a dark walnut and painted the rest with Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg.

This table is also a substantial piece.  I’d like to take credit for the idea of marrying an old metal base with part of a wooden wire spool, but I bought it just like this.  I can’t tell you how much I wanted to keep this table for myself.  I love it.

It’s just right between the sectional and the IKEA Ektorp chair and provides a place to display a lamp, a wooden bowl with faux pears, and a metal cow.  Real cows graze in the pastures outside.

I loved this very old door with the very old shutters added to the sides the minute I saw it.  It fills this corner of the room near the actual door into the rest of the house.

My son-in-law also made the bar and the floating shelves.  I styled the shelves with a tobacco stick star, some cotton ball spheres, an architectural fragment, and a few other items including an antique blue and white vase that has special family memories.     

The Miller children can belly up to the bar on three metal stools.  The deer skull, which we mounted on a rusty silver platter, is a prized possession of their dad’s.

Another deer skull on the opposite wall got the same treatment but with the addition of some classic blue and white plates.  This is my favorite detail in the whole room.

In fact (and I never thought I’d say this), I’m on the lookout for a deer skull for myself now.

This isn’t your garden variety sunroom, but I sure do like how it turned out and so do the Milllers.  Who needs white wicker furniture and Boston ferns all over the place?  This is better, a lot better.




10 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Sunroom

  1. Thinking outside the box for a sunroom. …no Florida room look here…love it! I’m partial to the table with the cable spool top. Your son-in-law is a very good craftsman. xoxo

    1. Yes! We didn’t want a traditional sunroom look at all. We needed something more practical. I absolutely love that cable spool table, too! And yes, my son-in-law is the best. I am so fortunate to have him to help me now that I’m single after 34 years. Don’t know what I would do without him.

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