Lemonade from Lemons

On May 7, 1992, exactly twenty-five years ago TODAY, construction began on this house.  There wasn’t a tree in sight back then on this property, and I was desperate for some shade. Sometimes you finally get what you asked for.

Then you have other issues to deal with. See how the grass was struggling in this spot a few years back?

I got tired of laying sod again and again only to have it die because there wasn’t enough sun. So I gave up. By the time I had come up with a new plan, there was so little remaining grass that it didn’t take me long to get to this point. 

I ordered a bunch of decomposed granite, had it delivered to my house, and then began the task of hauling it one wheelbarrow at a time into the backyard. The day I did this project the heat index was over 100. I knew I should have waited for a break in the heat–it was mid-September at the time–but I’m not the most patient person there is.

A few buckets of sweat later I had this.

The fire pit was a gift from my daughter and son-in-law, and the chairs I purchased from Lowe’s.  I chose dark brown ones because I wanted them to blend in. 

I probably should have laid down some landscape fabric first, but did I mention I’m not very patient?

The biggest issue I’ve had with the granite (other than my grandson throwing it) is that leaves and twigs do collect in it.  That’s what a blower is for, though. 

Before his second birthday party back in November, which we held here at my house, I brought in some pots of pansies.

I also strung up some outdoor lights.  They’re a little janky, but it was the best I could do with the only ladder I had.  I’ll add another string or two later and re-do them.  

I don’t actually use the fire pit that often, but it’s nice to be able to build a fire in cooler weather when people come over.

Take THAT, shade.  You only thought you’d beat me.









13 thoughts on “Lemonade from Lemons

  1. This fire pit area is so pretty, Jill! What a sweet gift. I love how cozy it looks nestled under those pretty trees and don’t even get me started on those party lights – gah – they’re so cool. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks! My yard is large but divided into smaller areas which I like. I like the lights too, but one of them is now a twinkle strand. Ugh. Gotta fix that.

  2. I love this!! I did something similar in my marital home, with a backyard that was nothing but mud. I was very sad to leave my gardens when my marriage ended, and I still wonder sometimes how all those plants I put in are doing.

    1. I have a few issues with the decomposed granite, but it sure beats the bare dirt/mud so I know what you mean.

      I guess you could go back and see?? You might be disappointed though if they haven’t been taken care of.

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