Go Big or Go Home

Do you find yourself wondering why your decor doesn’t look as good as you think it should?  Do you just keep buying items for your home yet still feel like something is missing?

Going bigger could be just the ticket.

This iron garden gate from France that I bought years ago was $150 if I remember correctly.  At the time I questioned whether I should spend that much for a single purchase.

I’m glad I bought it, though.  It’s a conversation piece and all I need on this wall behind the love seat in my living room.

I could have spent less on several smaller items and grouped them together on this wall, but the impact would not have been the same.  In fact, I had a photo collage here at one point.  However, I was never quite happy with it.  Collages can be tricky.

I could have grouped some framed photos on top of this chifferobe in my bedroom, but they wouldn’t have been easy to view at this height nor would they have had the same effect as this over-sized wooden crate filled with faux hydrangeas.

This before photo of a living room I worked on last year wasn’t lacking for decoration.  There was a collage frame, a photo display piece, and a small metal table below.

But the old door I found and then painted made a better–and bigger–statement.  In the opening where the door glass used to be I hung a $5 sconce from Goodwill.

This pie sign is fairly large on its own but with two sconces from a garage sale and the wire rack below it, it makes for an even stronger focal point on a wall in my keeping room.

These bookshelves that I re-styled still have a number of smaller pieces in them, but adding a few large items helped create a better balance.

Before, nothing really stood out because almost everything was the same size.  The addition of the big metal box and tole tray helped remedy that.

It’s tempting to go for small decorative pieces when you are out shopping for your home.  They’re usually less expensive for one thing.   They’re easier to tote around or fit into a shopping cart for another.  If nearly everything you buy is on the small side, though, it’s much harder to make it all work together.  Instead of a pulled together look, you can end up with a cluttered look.

Go big. Or go home.  

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  1. Jill, you’re so creative. I love your blog! Wish you lived in East Texas…..we could go into business together.

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