Giving Old Stuff A New Purpose

I’m always on the lookout for old items to use in new and inventive ways in my designs.  Here are few such pieces that I’ve reinvented or repurposed.

This vintage grocery cart immediately caught my eye when I was decorating my grandson’s room in my house.

It’s much smaller than grocery carts today, so the size appealed to me.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would make the perfect toy “box” for his room.  The fact that it had wheels was a plus.  Then I could wheel the toys from room to room if I needed to.

I added a small chalkboard from Hobby Lobby which I tied on with some hemp string.

It was already painted a cream color when I bought it, and someone had replaced the wheels with what looks to me like ones from a lawnmower.

I don’t have a fireplace mantle in my house because I don’t have a fireplace, so this is my substitute.  It started out as an old foot board to a bed.

A curved shelf was added to make it functional. Then the whole thing was painted cream and distressed a little. It’s the perfect spot to display family photos.

I have loved vintage locker baskets for years. I was told these came from the dressing room of a nearby city pool that closed down.  Initially I just hung them on the wall, but later found this barn door to hang behind them.  I store diapers, blankets, and other supplies in them.

I found this 1940’s flower frog on Etsy. Once used to hold flowers upright in an arrangement, now it makes a handy holder for photos or my collection of vintage cut-outs. 

I broke out the glass from this old window and stapled some chicken wire to the back of the frame.  Now I have a place to display photos and other items.

This nesting box mainly serves as wall art in my keeping room, but it also holds some old books. 

All I did was clean it up.  The rust was just a bonus.  Depending on your point of view, the claw marks on the perch either add character or are kind of gross.

Speaking of chickens…

I currently use this chicken feeder to hold an old book and some architectural blocks in my guest room.  I’ve also used it for plates in my dining room and mail in my mudroom/laundry.

An industrial bread pan made an interesting centerpiece in a dining room I worked on a couple of years ago.  I filled this one with wine corks that belonged to my clients and some fake succulents and seed pods, but you could put anything you want in it.

You just have to keep your eyes open at antique stores, junk shops, and garage sales and think outside the norm.  Once you get your treasure home, you may find it works in more ways than you imagined.











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