Decorating with Antlers and Deer Skulls

Sometimes I surprise myself.

I’ve been seeing antlers and deer skulls everywhere lately, and I really like them.

I have used them in some of my projects like this family room I decorated last year

as well as this sun room I completed recently.

I just never considered that I might want to try this design trend in my own house.  Until…

One day I realized I wanted a deer skull too.  In fact, I really needed one. Of my very own.  I just didn’t need to pay a big price for it.  Free actually sounded really good to me.

Well, wouldn’t you know it?  A friend called me recently and said she was headed to the Salvation Army with a load of donations and had something I might be interested in.

Did I want some free deer antlers?

Why yes, I believe I did.

So it’s only the antlers with no skull, but I’m not complaining. Beggars and choosers, you know.  Besides, this one should be a lot easier to hang especially since I plan to leave it on the wood plaque.

I decided to paint the wood white and distress it a little.

Now to decide where to hang it.  On top of the big tarnished silver platter in my guest room?

In the center of the chalkboard in my living room?

Over the Victorian coal stove door I have over my hall bath toilet?

Honestly, I have found a potential home for it in nearly every room in my house. I don’t know yet where it will end up.  I do know that sometimes you get exactly, or almost exactly, what you wish for.

If six months from now I decide I am not a deer antler kind of girl after all, then I am out zero money and I’ll give it to someone else or use it on another project.  Until then, maybe I’ll just rotate it from room to room and keep my grandson guessing where he’ll see it next. He’d like that.






2 thoughts on “Decorating with Antlers and Deer Skulls

  1. I like deer antlers also and have thought about adding them to my decor as well. Love how you distressed the wood! Any one of your three spots would look great:)

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