Decorating for Fall When You Are On a Budget and Don’t Do Orange

When I began thinking about my post for this Fall in Love with Texas blog tour, I suddenly realized something:  I’ve hardly ever decorated for fall before.  

And I’m wondering why that is…

Is it because I was a teacher for twenty-nine years and was too exhausted with going back to school to even think about it?  Is it because there really is no such thing as fall in Waco, Texas, where September is typically only slightly less brutally hot than August and October is more about Halloween of which I am not a big fan?  Is it because almost none of the trees here turn colors which only adds to the un-fall feel?  Is it because I don’t ever, ever do orange anything because I really, really don’t like orange, at least not for myself or my house?  

Maybe it’s a combination of all those reasons.  At any rate, this year I did decorate for fall and on the grand budget of $17.24–the cost of five small non-orange pumpkins which I moved from room to room so it would look like I bought twice that many.   Everything else that I used for my fall decor were items I already had.  

Starting in my kitchen, which looks into my keeping room, I used an old-school chalkboard that my sister (also a retired teacher) gave me.  A celery dish filled with my mother’s wedding flatware from 1949, a silver dish with apples, plums, and some coleus from my yard, and one white pumpkin round out this vignette. 

This is the room that I basically live in.  It’s where I blog at my roll top desk, it’s close to the kitchen, it has good light, it’s cozy, and my  Ektorp love seat is the comfortable spot in the house.  

The table in front of the love seat was made from an old door; I made the covers for the children’s chairs from coffee bean sacks. 

My son used this globe constantly when he was a child.  I paired it with two more white pumpkins and old books for my version of a touch of fall in this room. 

Although my dining room is the least used room in my house, it’s probably my favorite.  I striped one wall a couple of years ago and can’t imagine ever changing it.  For very little money and not much time, the stripes make a big impact. 

My buffet is painted in a 50/50 mix of Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg and Old White.  I used Sherwin Williams’ Silvermist for three walls and the ceiling.  The dark stripe is Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray. I sewed my drapes from white linen that I bought online.  I’m a huge fan of white linen and have it all over my house.  

For my dining table centerpiece, I pulled out the IKEA greenery that I normally use in the Hobby Lobby urn and plopped in a couple of pumpkins.  The flashcards are from Canton Trade Days, and the pine cones are from my hometown in northeast Texas.  I made the grain sack runner from fabric I found on etsy.  

With no windows at all in my living room, it can be a challenge getting good pictures.  That explains why my front door is open in this photo and why I later regretted doing that since we are currently plagued by gnats like you would not even believe.  Seriously, it’s been awful.  Nothing says fall like gnats, though, right?

I recently painted the walls in my living room Alabaster; the ceiling is Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt. The navy and ivory rug is fairly new and was a steal from Overstock.

For the fall display on my white linen-slipcovered ottoman, I used a little stool I bought at Junque in the Trunk here in Waco, a very old knob and lockset, some old books, and two more white pumpkins. 

I moved my vase of cotton stems from my entry cabinet to this Duck Egg dresser and added the pumpkins.  I really wanted some of those gorgeous blue pumpkins for this spot but had no luck finding any.  

Maybe I’ve starting something new here that I will continue every fall.  As long as I can just say no to the orange, spend as little as possible, and use what I have, I think I could manage a version of fall decorating no matter what Mother Nature is telling me. When the gnats return next fall, that will be my sign that I need to start looking for those pretty blue pumpkins. 

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24 thoughts on “Decorating for Fall When You Are On a Budget and Don’t Do Orange

    1. roonk you, Stacey. I normally keep that little stool in my grandson’s room. It’s fun to move things around and see how they work in other places. It makes me smile, too! Because it isn’t used much, it tends to be the neatest room in the house!

  1. Your home looks beautiful in it’s simple Fall decor. , I had to chuckle when you said that you moved the pumpkins from room to room. Happy Fall to you!

  2. Oh my gosh the gnats have been dreadful here also, and I’m nowhere near you! We had a week or more of Indian Summer with temps in the mid eighties and the gnats were unbearable! Every morning I would wake up and have to clean billions of them from the bathroom counter and sinks – gross!

  3. You have a lovely home and i also do not like orange. I pick some greenery from outside and have white pumpkins also.That little stool is really a nice find. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I started to pick some greenery too but completely forgot! Yes, I love that little stool. I keep it in my grandson’s room at my house usually.

  4. Jilly,
    I love all your school touches in your decor. When I think of Fall, I always think of the new school year beginning around that time. Then I think of pep rallies, football, hayrides, Fall parties with bobbing apples, candied apples, caramel apples, Fall school carnival, and decorated classroom doors. Oh, yeah, Fall and school go together.


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