Decorating a New Home

There were a lot of good reasons for my friend Leeann to move her family to a different home recently:

*more space for her six-year old daughter Faith to maneuver her wheelchair

*better potential for a future wheelchair accessible bathroom renovation

*a prettier, more established neighborhood with character and gorgeous trees

*a better location

But the new home, which is actually considerably older than her last, did present some decorating challenges.

For starters, the custom window treatments I made for her last house didn’t fit the windows in the new house.  Not all the decor I had added to her living and dining rooms in the last house translated well into the new one. The last house had fewer rooms and a lot less wall space, and the furniture from her former home didn’t quite work in the new house either.

So we went to work and came up with a plan to transform her two main living spaces.  The room off the front entry, which was originally intended as a formal dining room, is now a cozy sitting room that Leeann, a third grade teacher, says she plans to use as a quiet spot to grade papers.  

This is the sitting room before…

And here it is now.  We moved the piano to another wall and the sofa from the living room in its place.

New side tables and a coffee table painted off white help lighten up this north-facing room.  

The rust-colored linen drapes from her previous house were shortened to fit these windows. We re-used the pillows that I made for her three years ago.

Three rusty ceiling tins make a statement on the wall above the sofa, and new lamps add some character and additional lighting.

The gray-blue ceramic bowl is from Hobby Lobby as are the faux ferns inside. The animal horns act almost as sculpture and add texture.  

The piano and radio both belonged to Leeann’s grandmother and have special meaning for her.  Old piano keys balance out the chalkboard I made for her last house.

This is the living room before. The mantel was off to a good start with some items we used in her last house, but the walls needed decorating, the bookshelves needed some attention, and some new furniture was in order.  

Here’s the living room after…

For more impact on the mantel, we added a large family photo on canvas and tweaked the other accessories a little.

I envisioned hanging two matching solid wood doors on the bookcase wall but couldn’t find any I liked.  These old screen doors, which happened to be painted in the perfect color, turned out to be a good substitute.

More family photos and an old window finished off this wall.  The vintage sewing machine cabinet with a wood top added fits nicely here.

The existing media cabinet was switched out for this newly-painted dresser from Junque in the Trunk here in Waco.  It’s more substantial than what she had before, and the color is perfect.

An industrial bread pan with some old books inside (covers removed) is all that was needed for the top of the new dresser.

Leeann loves animal print, so we incorporated a couple of leopard print pillows for the new sectional. The stained glass window came from the church where Leeann grew up.

I found this painted dresser for the living room of her last house, but it works well in the entry of her new home.  The mirror, sconces, box, and hydrangeas are all from Hobby Lobby. 

It’s almost impossible to make everything work from one house to another. Sometimes you have to let go of certain items, add others, move things around.

Leeann is a creature of habit and not big on change, but now that she and her family are all settled into their new home and the decorating is done, she couldn’t be happier with her decision.    













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  1. Hi Jilly! Love what you’ve done to the place, especially the living room. Wow! What a change. And I love the three rusty ceiling tins. They add warmth and a sense of history. Nice job. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. Hugs, Pat

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