An 80’s Ranch Updated with Farmhouse Flair

The owners of this home won’t ever forget the events of December 30, 2015.  That was the day Poet Colliver, a Waco realtor and photographer with Moneyshot, and her husband Jason woke up at 4 a.m. to popping noises and realized their house was on fire.

The couple got their two boys and themselves out safely, but the damage was fairly extensive.

There was a silver lining, though.  With so many repairs needing to be done anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to go ahead and do a complete renovation. 

Like many homes built in the 80’s, this one had a choppy, closed-off floor plan. This is the original entry/dining room with French doors leading to an enclosed porch.  To the right of the wall with the green chair, there’s a glimpse of the breakfast room in the back and the living room on the front of the house. 

The kitchen showed the home’s age the most.  It was dark, mostly closed off, and screamed 1982.  The living room had great light and interesting beams, but it felt smaller than it should for a house this size. Same with the breakfast room. 

So the walls came down and nearly every surface was changed.  The transformation is nothing short of stunning. 

For the public spaces, Poet wanted a farmhouse look with light colors and easy-to-care-for flooring.  She chose wood-look tile by Vitromax and Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams for the walls.  

On the huge kitchen island, she used Fantasy Brown granite and shiplap accents painted in Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster.  

It was Poet’s husband who came up with the idea of a pop-up electrical outlet on the huge island.  This feature has come in really handy for parties when they have multiple crock pots going.   

A French door and window in the breakfast room were removed in favor of a new pantry for some much-needed storage. This pantry with its space-saving barn doors is one of Poet’s favorite features of the renovation.

The couple had their 8-foot dining table and benches custom made.  The light fixture over the table was purchased at market in Dallas for a fraction of the cost of an identical one Poet saw online for $5000. It’s over-sized, unique, and adds more of the farmhouse look she was trying to achieve.  

With the wall between the kitchen and living room gone, light now pours into the entire area from all the existing windows.  The Collivers have no blinds on these windows or the ones in the dining room.  

Diagonal wood boards, seen here on either side of the rock fireplace, were a hallmark of 80’s style.  Instead of changing out this wood for the now popular horizontal shiplap look, the once orangy-yellow boards were simply painted Alabaster like the rest of the trim, the kitchen cabinets, and island.  

The unique mantel with its industrial pipe brackets was the brainchild of a good friend of the Collivers.  He understood their style and provided the labor for this project.  

The memory of the fire will always be with the Collivers, but every day when they come home to this light, bright, beautiful “new” house, they realize that good can come from a tragedy.  They now have a home that suits their personal style, fits how they live, and is in the same established neighborhood they love.  







6 thoughts on “An 80’s Ranch Updated with Farmhouse Flair

  1. What a great space, does not look like the same house. Light and airy. Thanks Jill, i know i am saying this wrong but, its like the Phoenix that rose from the ashes, amazing.

  2. This doesn’t even look like the same house! Wow, such a gorgeous job renovating everything after such a horrible ordeal. Every detail is really beautiful. I love a happy ending! Hugs, CoCo

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