A New Season of Life

If you’re a 20 or 30-something, you may be deep in the throes of juggling a full-time job and a family with small children.  Been there. As wonderful as that time can be, it can also be overwhelming, all-consuming, and exhausting.  I can vividly remember rushing home from teaching kids all day, rushing to fix a meal, rushing to get kids bathed and lunches packed, and then sitting down to a pile of papers to grade thinking, “I may not survive this.”  But I did.

If you have older children, you may feel like you are spending your entire life driving all over shuffling them to their never-ending activities–or worrying about them because they are finally able to drive themselves.  Been there and survived that, too.  Or maybe you’re suddenly an empty-nester and dealing with all the emotions that go with your kids leaving the house. I’ve got the t-shirt for that as well. 

When I retired from teaching in 2012, after 29 years in education, I felt like a whole new world had just opened up for me. I gained a son-in-law when my daughter got married that same year, and two years later I became a Jilly when my grandson was born. Then this past January a daughter-in-law was added to my family. 

When this photo was taken on my last birthday, my 56th, I had been divorced exactly one day, after being married for 34 years. Life as I used to know it has changed forever, but I’m embracing that change and excited to see what God has in store. This blog, a dream I’ve had for years, is part of this new season of my life. I hope you enjoy it and will be inspired by it. 

—Philippians 4:13


17 thoughts on “A New Season of Life

  1. Congratulations on the journey!

    Paint color selection has been an ongoing point of frustration in my home. Years ago, I decided it was time for a color change in kitchen area. Unfortunately, your tips on painting various color locations and spacing weren’t available. I selected four or five colors and painted something that closely resembled a tic-tac-toe board. Imagine my horror, when we had unexpected guests.

    Looking forward to blog..

    1. Now that’s funny. I feel your frustration about paint colors. I can pick them for other people no problem, but still struggle when it’s my house. I hope those tips will help the next time you’re looking for a new color.

  2. You did great! I’m impressed! You have wanted this a long time and now it’s a reality. I know others will be blessed by your genuine compassionate heart, and inspired by your motivation and passion of “doing what you love”. May the Lord shower you with success as you follow Him and His path for your life.

  3. Jill, this blog accentuates many of your lovely and lovable qualities. You resonate with new growth and vitality–something that those even in their twenties and thirties would envy.

    I’m so proud of and happy for you as you venture into this new phase of your life. I’m also very grateful for the inspiration you’ve given me as I traverse through my own life changes.

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