A Home Office with Room for the Dogs

You may have seen my post about a farmhouse style renovation that resulted from a tragic fire.  The end result was nothing short of incredible.  It’s hard to believe it’s even the same house.

This is the room in that house where the fire started–an enclosed porch/sun room that was serving as a home office pre-fire and still does today.

During the renovation, two single French doors and one window looking into the dining room were removed.  Space was borrowed for a barn-door pantry on the dining room side, and a wall of windows became one set of double French doors leading to the backyard.

Even with fewer windows, this room still has great light.  Instead of three points of access, which wasn’t really necessary, it now has only one right off the kitchen area. The same granite, paint, flooring, and shiplap details from the kitchen were used in this room.

My favorite feature of this home office is the custom built table/doghouse which provides a surface for spreading out work projects and a home for the family pets underneath.

There’s even a separate area to store dog food.  It’s a small detail, but the galvanized metal of the trashcan ties in with the metal of the bar stools around the nearby kitchen island.

This is all kinds of clever not to mention that it’s a lot more attractive than  dog creates and bag of dog food sitting on the floor.



6 thoughts on “A Home Office with Room for the Dogs

  1. Jilly, I was sorry to hear about your fire but your “new” room is wonderful. I especially like the doggy bed area and am sure my Roxy would love it too. Hugs, Pat @ Bringing French Country Home

  2. This is amazing,what a great transformation and the dog house is so cute. Thanks Jill and i wish you a Merry Christmas.

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