A Fresh White Start

The ink was barely dry on my final divorce papers when I jumped headlong into a bedroom makeover in my house.  I wanted a complete change, and I wanted it as quickly as my very tight budget would allow.

It had been ages since the room had been touched.  Since I cannot for the life of me find the before photo, I’ll just describe it to you.

Dark. Depressing. Dated. Not what I wanted anymore.

The walls were faux-painted to look like brown leather, the bedding was a plaid patchwork, the curtains were a tiny red check, and most of the furniture was stained green.

To wipe the slate clean in this room,  I started by cracking open a can (and then two more cans) of white paint–Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. I obliterated that faux-leather look that I labored over many years ago back when I thought faux was the the way to go.

No mo faux for me.

Then I decided I wanted white linen bedding and pillows.

And off-white curtains.

I wasn’t the least bit concerned that all that white would be cold or sterile or require anyone entering the room to wear sunglasses.

I wanted light, bright, and white.  I wanted my new guest room to look nothing like it did before.

It definitely doesn’t.

To offset all the white I left my antique washstand dark, but I did remove the back splash and towel bar from it to give it a different look.  I’ve had this piece of furniture since I was nineteen when I bought it with my first paycheck from my first job.  For sentimental reasons I wanted it to stay in the room.

This cabinet, which I put a ton of work into,  had been sitting under my carport waiting to be sold. It started off all dark. After a lot of repairs, sanding, and painting, I sort of fell in love with it myself.

I needed a substantial piece of furniture for the room anyway and knew I couldn’t find anything I liked as much for under $100 which is what I had invested in the piece.  So I moved it into the room myself with the new dolly that I bought myself.  It is super heavy and I really should have waited for a friend to come over and help me.  Patience isn’t my strong suit, though. Once the paint was dry, I was on a mission to start bringing things into the room.

The chalkboard provides another dark element to contrast with all the white. This Bible verse is one that I claimed early on for my new season of life. I can’t see ever changing it.

The iron headboard that I had in my storage room also helps break up the white as do the tarnished silver trays.

Normally I would have used the chippy, white-painted side of this old window but since it was going on a white wall,  I flipped it over to the natural wood side.

Although I splurged a little on the white linen for the bedspread and pillows, I used drop cloths from Home Depot for the drapes.  There is no way I could have bought this much fabric for under $25 which is what I spent on one drop cloth.  I needed two but fortunately already had one.  I used my existing curtain rod.

I’m so thankful that I can sew and paint because if I couldn’t, I would never have been able to accomplish a transformation like this on the budget I had to work with.  (Again, sorry I don’t have a before photo but I promise it is like night and day.)

After the dust had settled, I spent less than $400 for this makeover. That included…

*three gallons of Sherwin Williams Alabaster white paint

*16 yards of white linen for the bedding and pillows

*one 9′ x 12′ drop cloth

*the big cabinet

*two cans of Annie Sloan paint (Old White and French Linen)

*a few supplies to repair the cabinet

*the chalkboard

*two silver trays (I already had the big one)

*the old window

*the rusty candle holder

*the framed Keep Calm piece

I love this room now.  It’s a true guest room and feels like the rest of the house. It represents to me a new beginning.  If this room had a theme song, it would be this THIS ONE.

12 thoughts on “A Fresh White Start

  1. Hi, do you mind sharing what brand the drop cloth is that you used? I’m looking to make some curtains and that color would be perfect instead of the usual beige/ivory color drop cloths. Thank you!

    1. Caroline, I bought my drop cloths from Home Depot. I think they only carry one brand, but I honestly don’t know the name. I washed and bleached them first so that may account for them being a little lighter than most. Good luck with your project!

  2. Where did you get your bedspread? That is beautiful.Wait…..you made it? How did you do that? I love love love it. All I have seen for sale are upwards of $300. Any tips or tricks for the bedding I would sure appreciate. Gorgeous room. Great job! Waco……LOL coming there next month. 🙂 too fun

    1. Thanks! Yes, they are very expensive! It was a ton of work but not really hard if you sew. Do you sew? I can e-mail you how I made it if you’d like. Enjoy your trip here! Where do you live?

      1. The sewing machine and I have an understanding. LOL Not a seamstress by any means but can sew straight lines, hem, etc. I would love directions. It shows my email at the bottom where I sent this. How would you like me to send it to you? What made it so much work? It is gorgeous

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