A Cozy, Cottage-Style Sun Room

It’s uncanny how similar mine and my younger sister Robyn’s decorating tastes are.  We both like chippy white paint, light colors, white slipcovers, and a casual cottage look.  I can go in her house and almost feel like I decorated it myself because everything looks exactly the way I would have done it.  She can come in my house and feel the same.

While shopping together in antique stores or at Canton Trade Days, we’ve been known to zero in on the the same item at the exact same time and almost come to blows over who gets it.  Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but we do gravitate toward the very same pieces and sometimes have to come to an agreement on who is going to buy it.

When it comes to decorating, we are not only on the same page but on the same paragraph, same sentence, same word.  It’s almost like we’re related or something.

Robyn’s house in Arlington, Texas, is my cup of tea.   I could move in it tomorrow and not change one thing.  Every room, every nook and cranny is 100 percent my style.

Her sun room is one of my favorite spots.  Built in 1996, her home originally had an open back porch that had been enclosed by the time she and her family bought the house.

With one single and three sets of double French doors, the light in this room is wonderful.  The brick walls add a lot of texture and character as does the bead board that was added when the porch was enclosed.

With so many ways out to the backyard, she doesn’t worry about blocking the French doors at the ends of the room. Her white table and vanity stool that she recently had recovered provide the perfect place to sit and do a little paperwork. She found the table at a furniture consignment store.  She paid a little more than she wanted to, but it’s an unusual shape with interesting details and was the size she needed. 

Another thing Robyn and I have in common is that we’re both retired teachers.  Her Cracker Barrel rocking chair, a gift from Burleson ISD when she retired last year, keeps company with a burled wood secretary desk that she used in her bedroom for a number of years.

I’m still not sure how she beat me out of our Ma-maw Lucy’s 1930’s coffee table. It’s a little rickety and not a fine piece of furniture by any means, but it has character and a petite size that makes it a good candidate for this long, narrow room.  It’s not small enough that I could slip it inside my coat, though, and bring it home with me.  Not that I’ve ever considered that…

The mid-century dresser, with its clean lines, is unexpected in this cottage-style room but I love it, temporarily missing drawer and all.   It was formerly in my niece’s apartment and is filling in for now as a storage piece for the sun room.   It could very well be shifted to a different room the next time I visit.  Robyn likes to move things around a lot.  She might have learned that from me.

She had lived in her house almost ten years before she realized that it made no sense to keep her blinds in her den and breakfast room down.  Even though she always had them open, they still obstructed the view to some degree into the sun room beyond.  Now they stay pulled all the way up which allows for a lot more light into the rest of the house.

Robyn is the queen of great deals.  Her camel back sofa, which she purchased from a thrift store for about a hundred dollars, was in good shape but sported some seriously hideous upholstery.  A slipcover from Surefit disguises the ugly fabric and fits with the casual feel of the room.  Win-win.  Plus she can wash it.

We both have a fondness for old-school flashcards.  The ones she has displayed on her burlap bulletin board over the shabby shelf say it all about this room.

Casual, comfortable, full of light, a mix of finishes, and the style we both love…a good place indeed.






12 thoughts on “A Cozy, Cottage-Style Sun Room

  1. That sunroom is fabulous! When you mentioned Trade Days, I was just thinking how cold it will be this weekend! But people will come from far and wide anyway. I am also a retired teacher, in Tyler. Just found your blog yesterday and I read some older posts. You do such a nice decorating job. Wishing you a happy new year!

    1. It is going to be ridiculously cold this weekend! I think I’d rather deal with the cold than the heat, though, at Trade Days. Isn’t retirement wonderful?? Glad you enjoyed the blog!

  2. I love your blogs Jill. I haven’t seen Robin in many years so it was great to see pictures of her and her house. And yes, it does seem likely that you two share some DNA. I think Jan shares you girls’ tastes also. You all three have beautiful, inviting homes. And all three of you learned from the best……your beautiful and talented mother. I LOVE MY PINKHAM GIRLS!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. Aww, thank you, Marsha! We all love to decorate. Jan just doesn’t give herself as much credit as she should! And yes, we learned from the VERY best. Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. I’m popping in from Stacey’s roundup of home tours for 2017. Not sure how I missed yours! Your sister has a beautiful home, we share the same taste, all three of us! I would give my left kidney for a sunroom, but here in the Midwest, we call it a three-season room. And barely that! lol!

    Hoping to pop back in soon. I hear you have a beautiful garden, and it ever warms up here again, I’ll share mine!!


    1. Thank you, Jane! I’m sharing more of her house today and in the next few weeks. I don’t know how you deal with the cold up there. I always say I want it to finally get cold here in Waco but then when it finally does, I’m over it within a few days. Going to check out your blog now!

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