A Closet Like No Other

Most women could only dream of a closet like this.

Maybe I shouldn’t even call it a closet.  It’s really more like a large dressing room with incredibly well-organized storage for clothes, shoes, and jewelry that has been fully decorated like any other room in the house.  Whatever you call it, I think you will agree that it is a sight to see.

Before renovations began on this 1905 Craftsman home, this room was actually a garage that was added on much later–possibly in the 50’s.  The ceiling was vaulted, the garage door was removed and replaced with a bay window and seat, and additional windows were added.

The result is a room with incredible light and plenty of room for all that the homeowner wanted from this area off her bedroom.

Room for a custom-painted silvery metallic vanity where she can put on her makeup… 

Room for a cozy chair where she can sit down to put on her shoes or talk on the phone…

Room for friends to sit and visit…

And of course room for all her belongings…

The enormous island in the center of the room was purposely built extra tall to reduce back strain when the homeowner wanted to use it to wrap gifts.  The additional height also allowed for another row of drawers on both sides.  I’m guessing my own closet may not be as big as this island.

And how about the color scheme in this room?  The paint color is the same one she used in her master bath — Pink Shadow by Sherwin Williiams. She was worried at first that this color would look like Pepto Bismal, but mixed at 25% strength it’s perfect.  

I added the pink and rose gold animal print cushion and the white linen valances.  Pink is obviously her favorite color. She’s also fond of sparkle and bling.  The large crystal chandelier is a real show stopper. 

Every detail of this room has been carefully thought out, right down to the dimensions needed to store specific items along two of the walls. Those are pool noodles inside her boots to keep them upright.  So clever.

There’s nothing about this old renovated farmhouse that I don’t love, but this closet is easily my favorite room of all.



8 thoughts on “A Closet Like No Other

  1. Hi Jilly! This closet is bigger than my whole house!! Tell me it’s yours. Ha. (I know it’s not). Maybe in our dreams, huh? Have a lovely daydream. Hugs, Pat

  2. That is some closet, i guess i am not much for posh but i don’t even want that much stuff to store in that big of a closet. My closet is big enough for a comfy chair and that’s enough.

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