A Bedroom for Kaylee and Ryan

When you’re decorating a bedroom for a child, many of the choices you make will be determined by the gender of the child.  But what do you do if you need to design a room for both a boy and a girl to share?

That was the challenge I faced when I designed a bedroom for  four-year old Ryan and his eight-year old sister Kaylee.

The room couldn’t be too girly or too boyish in terms of colors,  yet we still wanted color.  The walls had been recently painted Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore which is a soft blue-gray sea glass color, at least in this room with this lighting. It’s essentially a neutral that goes with anything.   So the paint color stayed.

The Jenny Lind beds also needed to stay.   They were newly purchased, and twin beds were the obvious choice for this shared room.  The existing bedding was also almost brand new.  It was cute and appropriate for a brother-sister room, but I wanted something that would have more longevity, something more neutral.  I found these taupe coverlets with matching shams (although I didn’t use the shams) as a solution.

The large night stand under the window was replaced with a small-scale chest of drawers which I painted in Annie Sloan’s Versailles. I love this color with the Gray Owl walls.  It sometimes photographs almost cream but is actually a muted pear green.  It’s a subtle color which I knew would work with the stronger colors in the fabrics we were considering.

I wanted Kaylee to have some input on fabrics, so I gave her a couple of choices that would both work with the green geometric her mom and I choose for her brother.  She liked the bright colors but didn’t care for the black background. 

So, we went with this instead.

We pulled out the orange from Kaylee’s pillow fabric for the custom window valance.

I’ve never been a fan of orange myself, but the color really works in this room. The pattern is neutral enough for both a boy and a girl, and the color works for both as well. All three fabrics as well as the trim for the valance are from Hobby Lobby.

Over each bed we hung custom scripture signs from Etsy.  Kaylee chose her verse; mom chose Ryan’s.  The signs are very heavy so they are securely hung with wire over screws attached to molly bolts.

We elected to skip bed skirts for a couple of reasons:  The room is quite small and the extra fabric would have closed everything in a little.  Also it’s a cleaner look without them.  Clean and simple is the look we wanted. There is an amazingly large playroom in another part of the house, so their bedroom is primarily just used for sleeping.

A six-foot circular rug in a muted aqua helps anchor the open space in the middle of the room.  It’s 100 percent wool and from Overstock.

The day will come when Ryan and Kaylee will need separate rooms. For now, though, this arrangement is working for the family. I’ll be blogging soon about their baby sister Faith’s new room next door.



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